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Moonlight Smugglers

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A free prototype is available for download.

Moonlight Smugglers is a dramatic story-driven game marrying visual novel choose your own adventure style gameplay with light rpg elements and arcade sailing. It tells the story of Elizabeth Fay, a smuggler captain who is pursuing a mystery that captured her imagination since childhood — a reflection of a moon that cannot be seen in the sky. logo download the Moonlight Smugglers prototype on
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PISS is a love letter to Planescape: Torment by the lovely Ben "304" Chandler. It is a passionate and ambitious experimental work and it was a joy to compose for.

It follows a mercenary named Moira who tries to track down a debt across a mystical city of Kamea even if it means crossing a few boundaries of reality.

Educating Adventures of Girl and Rabbit

Educating Adventures of Girl and Rabbit screenshot


Educating Adventures of Girl and Rabbit is a dark, twisted comedy take on edutainment games. A girl meets a talking rabbit in the forest who teaches her all the wrong things. A collaboration with Aapeli Kutila.

Until I Have You

Until I Have You screenshot

Linux porting assistance

Until I Have You is an imaginative and atmospheric platformer by James "Dualnames" Spanos.

An elite assasin who goes by the name "The Artist" is done doing dirty jobs for those with deep pockets when someone closest to him goes missing. He's on a mission to get her back and he will not be satisfied until he does.

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Small Worlds screenshot

Small Worlds

A tale of a woman who finds herself in a mysterious forest with a gun and no memories. By people who dislike amnesia in games, for people who dislike amnesia in games. Written and designed by Del Mallory.

Appropriate Psychiatrist screenshot

Appropriate Psychiatrist

A short twisted comedy piece by qptain Nemo and Aapeli Kutila.

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qemical flood screenshot

qemical flood

An experimental 3D renderer developed by qptain Nemo.

quality narrative page

Quality Narrative

A Steam curator dedicated to highlighing games featuring outstanding interactive storytelling.

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