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Moonlight Smugglers

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What is it?

Moonlight Smugglers is a dramatic story-driven game marrying visual novel choose your own adventure style gameplay with light rpg elements and arcade sailing. It tells the story of Elizabeth Fay, a smuggler captain who is pursuing a mystery that captured her imagination since childhood — a reflection of a moon that cannot be seen in the sky.

The story takes place in an archipelago divided between three countries. As the young smuggler is pursuing her personal interests a large conflict is brewing...

Our design goals:

  • a dramatic and fascinating main storyline
  • quality sidequests
  • immersive and fun sailing mechanics
  • multiple choice non-linear storytelling with skill checks
  • fun naval combat
  • enjoyable exploration
  • other secondary gameplay mechanics that are all more or less optional but nonetheless fun and worthwhile to engage with
  • cool water graphics™
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The specifics

Target platforms: PC — 64 bit Linux and Windows
Planned development time: 1 year
Current status: a playable prototype featuring a portion of the story and the foundation of sailing

moonlight smugglers screenshot 1

How to stay informed about our game

Wanna help?

We're currently looking for a publisher. So if you're one and you're interested in funding the production and publishing our game please get in touch. We are ready to show you the game prototype we currently have.
via email
or Discord qptain Nemo#6639 (or via our Discord server)

Press and influencer inquiries are very welcome as well. We're not currently offering access to any kind of game builds to anybody except potential publishers, but we'd be happy to let you know when that changes if you're interested and answer any questions you might have.
Discord qptain Nemo#6639 (or via our Discord server)

Last but not least, we'd appreciate any help with spreading the word and sharing the information we post about the game. If you know someone who might be interested in this sort of thing, kindly consider letting them know about it. They might appreciate it too!

Thank you very much for your time.

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