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qemical flood

What is it?

qemical flood is an experimental general purpose realtime 3D graphics renderer developed by qptain Nemo.

The goals and motivations behind the project include achieving high scalability and high performance, especially in the face of increasing complexity, scale and smoothness of 3D scenes. It attempts to overcome certain limitations and drawbacks of rendering 3D graphics through reliance on either polygons or voxels, focusing instead on using other techniques such as raymarching of smooth surfaces defined by math and algorithms. And last but not least, one strong intention here is simply producing beautiful visuals in videogames in real time, enabling them to show beautiful, complex and immersive worlds.

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How to support the project and its developer

If you think what I'm doing is interesting, cool, important or fun, you want to help me out of kindness of your heart or for any other reason, you can support me through a single or several donations on Paypal, or on a regular basis through Patreon. It would support my independence and I'd be most grateful for that.

More shots, development history
smooth 3D surfaces
qemical flood screenshot
sprites, procedural textures, shading and a water simulation
qemical flood screenshot qemical flood screenshot

the humble beginnings
qemical flood voxel test screenshot
the first projection test
qemical flood projection test screenshot

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